About Whole Grain Natural Bread Co.

Whole Grain Bread co. Team

Whole grains from fertile glacier valleys of Montana are ground and mixed with simple all natural ingredients like honey, sea salt, water, and yeast for leavening. Nothing else, no chemicals, no GMO's. It is purely healthy--just as nature intended-minimally processed, and made with care for your benefit.

We are much more than a bread store! We make over 15 varieties of bread daily. We offer a variety of baked goods and sweets, all made from scratch.

In 1995, Whole Grain Natural Bread Company began in the Dobson Ranch area of Mesa. In 2000, the bakery moved to its present location near Val Vista and Southern. The bakery is independently owned and operated and is not a franchise.

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Store Location:
1244 S Val Vista Dr.
Mesa, AZ

6am-7pm Mon-Fri
6am-6pm Saturday
closed Sunday

p: (480) 325-3200

e: info@wholegrainbreadco.com

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