Inside The Bakery

Inside the BakeryOur bread is as fresh as it gets – and that’s exactly what you’ll see when you come in to Whole Grain Natural Bread Company. We have no processes or ingredients that we need to hide…in fact, we want you to see exactly how we bake in the goodness.

All of our processes are visible to you, the customer. You’ll see passionate bakers using their talents to make amazing baked goods, right in front of your eyes. Our mill room, work tables, and ovens are in plain view. You’ll see exactly what goes into the product you will be purchasing. You’ll see a lot of work done by hand – we’ve found that the baker’s touch creates bread that is far better than that created by machines.

What you’ll also see in our bakery is simplicity. We use a base of five simple ingredients that make our products the best around. Wheat, water, honey, yeast, and salt – no preservatives, no chemicals, no cheating. Our select red and white wheat comes from the fertile valleys of Montana. The wheat is ground each morning using a Danish Mill – the resulting flour is as fresh as it can be. We use local honey as a sweetener that provides a tasty and healthy alternative to refined sugar. Come see…and taste…how we “bake in the goodness.”

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Mesa, AZ

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